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CreativityZone launches advanced training series!

Welcome to CreativityZone!

Carrie Gallant and Sharon Sutherland are delighted to announce a new series of advanced conflict resolution skills training workshops for Fall 2013!

Over the past few months, we have both participated in a number of conversations about the growing need for advanced learning opportunities for mediators, lawyers, negotiators, and other conflict resolution professionals who have taken basic training, gained considerable experience in practice, and are seeking new learning opportunities to expand their skills and deepen their practice.  Too often, we hear that experienced practitioners feel like they are “putting in time” as they attend training and practice sessions aimed at less experienced colleagues simply to complete Continuing Professional Development hours.  We believe that training should be more stimulating as you gain expertise, not less so!

Our Fall training programs are designed to meet the needs of more experienced practitioners looking for some new ideas and a chance to experiment with them in an advanced learning environment.

Please join us for:

  • “Break on through to the Other Side”: Advanced Tools and Strategies for Impasse Breaking – October 1
  • GET REAL: Advanced Tools for Ethical “Reality Checking” – October 22
  • From Conflict to Confluence: Myers-Briggs Personality Type for Conflict Resolution – November 19

Details can be found under the Courses tab or on our handout.

We look forward to an exciting Fall season, and welcome your ideas on topics you’d like to see presented in future advanced skills workshops.

Carrie and Sharon have partnered with the CoRe Conflict Resolution Society for the delivery of these three sessions.  Proceeds will be shared with CoRe and will support CoRe’s own Speaker Series and other educational activities.