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“Empathy Without “Caring”? Exploring Different Kinds of Empathy as Tools for Conflict Resolution”  – October 17, 2013

Research into empathy and its role in social interactions suggests that there are different forms of empathy with different strengths for conflict resolution.  We each bring a different balance of these forms of empathy to our work and we consequently may have very different understandings of what it means to be empathetic as a mediator or lawyer.  As trainers, we witness cross-purposes conversations amongst learning mediators struggling to understand the role of empathy in mediation across a gulf in definitions of empathy.  What do we mean by empathy?  How does cognitive empathy different from emotional empathy or empathic concern?  And what strengths does each form of empathy bring to mediation?  Join Carrie Gallant and Sharon Sutherland in discussing our understandings of empathy in conflict resolution.

ATTENDANCE: Carrie and Sharon will present in person at KPMG’s downtown Vancouver office. Videoconferencing to Allard Hall, room 335, and to TRU will be provided based on demand. RSVP early to coreclinic1@gmail.com to confirm your seat.

Attendance at the speaker series is free for CoRe members and volunteers, $20 for others. Pay ahead online at http://coreclinic.wordpress.com/speaker-series/ or bring a cheque or exact change to pay at the door. CoRe annual memberships for 2013 are available for $50 at the door or at http://coreclinic.wordpress.com/membership/.

The CoRe Clinic is an approved continuing development provider for the Law Society of BC. Its Speaker Series events are pre-approved educational activities for professional development credit.


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