About Us

Creativity Zone designs and delivers group and individual training in negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution.  We offer a variety of ready-to-deliver courses as well as specially tailored training for groups with specific needs.  Our backgrounds in law, theatre, and a variety of mediation contexts allow us to design unique programs to match the needs of individuals or organizations with needs ranging from basic skills training through advanced skills and theory.


HeadShoto_Orange_150Carrie Gallant

Carrie is an international executive and leadership coach, facilitator, trainer, speaker, and mediator, who specializes in helping her clients master their personal influencing power and leadership competencies in communication, persuasion, negotiation, and conflict management, while developing and maintaining their integrity and authenticity. As an executive and former practising lawyer (Ontario), Carrie gets the challenges leaders face, and women leaders in particular.

Carrie’s creative passion led her to experiment with improv and forum theatre, and to become the legal consultant on the first North American legislative theatre project Practicing Democracy with Headlines Theatre. Now, she regularly adapts tools and techniques from improvisational and forum theatre into her workshops and coaching practice.

Carrie is a member of the BC Mediation Roster (Civil) and the International Coach Federation. She is also a certified facilitator with Authentic Leadership Global, and an accredited negotiation consultant with ENS International (Enlightened Negotiation)providing Negotiation & Influencing  workshops and consultations to a wide array of large organizations in Canada, the United States and New Zealand.  Her past leadership positions include: Director of the Centre for Conflict Resolution at the Justice Institute of BC; Co-Director of Career Services at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law; Director of the University of Windsor Mediation Service; and Chief Legal Counsel to the Ontario Pay Equity Commission.

IMG_0538Sharon Sutherland

Sharon is a mediator and mediation consultant, with expertise in conflict resolution training and program design. Sharon was one of the first Project Managers of the BC Court Mediation Program (1998-2003). From 2000-2014, Sharon was a full-time faculty member at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law. From 2006-2010, Sharon worked with Mediate BC to develop a province-wide Child Protection Mediation Practicum aimed at increasing the number of child protection mediators in under-serviced parts of BC.  From 2014-2016, Sharon worked as a Knowledge Engineer in the development of the Civil Resolution Tribunal, focusing on both Strata and Small Claims streams.

With her background in practicum design and management, Sharon has developed a special interest in mediation mentorship. She has been a mediation mentor in a variety of programs (Small Claims, Child Protection, community mediations) since 1997. Sharon was honoured with the 2011 Susanna Jani Prize for Excellence in Mediation.

In addition to her LL.M. in ADR from Osgoode Hall Law School, Sharon received her M.A. in Drama and Theatre Studies from the University of London, and completed all work but her thesis towards a Ph.D. in Drama from the University of Toronto.  This theatrical background continues to inform her teaching and practice. Sharon has participated in a variety of academic and practice-oriented projects in applied improvisation, Theatre of the Oppressed, and other theatre tools for conflict resolution.  Sharon blogs about impasse breaking and creativity at CoReJolts.

As well, Sharon’s interests extend to an exploration of the potential of games in supporting team building and conflict prevention and management. She has hosted three Collaborative Game Jams, and is a member of PignPotato Games. She is one of the designers of Zombie Fight or Flight, a collaborative card game.

Contact Us:

We can be contacted by email at: czmediatortraining@gmail.com or contact us individually at carrie@gallantsolutionsinc.com or tndmmediation@gmail.com.


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